May 24 – July 14, 2017

Elizabeth Houston Gallery presents SUPERSTAR, a new group exhibition updating our image of Xanadu with phantasmagoric works of celebrity and space. Society’s long-held fascination with the stars and its love for celebrity culture revolve around two different types of celestial bodies — the astrological and the feminine. Artists in the exhibition synthesize these two identities under the “superstar” label, delivering a multivalent show about feminism, fame, heroism, and otherness.

Our relationship to the stars is defined by distance. Artists like Lais Pontes, Silas Schletterer, and Tracy Stuckey bridge this gap through the fantasy of closeness. Pontes prints a diverse cast of female personae onto mirrors. Consequently, the viewer’s own identity becomes that of the heroine’s; our conception of someone else’s identity becomes our own. Inspired by films and fashion photography, Schletterer… more