November 5 – December 6, 2015

With an emphasis on materiality and form, the work of painter Scott Ingram in Seams and Transitions engages the artist’s contemporary surroundings with an established modernist dialogue.

Ingram has spent years exploring the material nature of urban architecture through various mediums including sculpture, installation, drawing, and photography. Made entirely from construction materials this body of work calls to mind both the physicality of Formalist painting as well as the theoretical impact of Modernism. This dialogue surrounding materiality has influenced Ingram’s aesthetic and ethos throughout his career.

Deeply influenced by the reductive language of Franz Kline and Brice Marden as well as the architectural influence of Frank Lloyd Wright, Ingram’s work attempts both to communicate with and to build upon the existing languages embedded within this modernist context. In recollection of a specific moment of transition in his work after having seen a Franz Kline painting at the St Louis Art Museum Ingram… more