September 14 – November 13, 2016

Rachel Hellmann’s new series of sculptural paintings, titled State of Play, is distinguished by tranquil observation and craft-like accuracy. In bright, saturated hues the works create a fascinating play between literal and illusionistic depth. They are tied to children’s games, each titled and reminiscent of these themes as in the strong angled rectangular planes in the piece Simon Says and the strength embodied through the strong contrasting color and line in the painting: Cat’s Cradle.

Constructed paintings that are somewhere between painting and sculpture, Hellmann’s works demonstrate unassuming techniques emphasizing the simplicity of form, similar to the hard edge work of Ellsworth Kelly and the three-dimensional shaped wooden paintings of Charles Hinman. Trained in painting but growing up around woodworkers and builders, Hellmann’s intuitive use of sculpting wood combined with painting creates various planes and volume to play with the eye of the viewer. Protruding geometric and undulating wooden forms… more