Daniel W. Coburn’s, “Becoming a Specter”, featured on Lenscratch

Jun 27, 2018

Daniel W. Coburn’s, “Becoming a Specter”, was featured on Lenscratch, a daily journal created by curator Aline Smithson in 2007, that explores contemporary photography and presents work in a way that allows for a deeper understanding of a photographer’s intent and vision.

Some photographs faithfully record the world in front of them. Others bend the objects presented to the camera through the mind’s lens, transforming them beyond surface appearances. This latter approach reveals the surrealism already present within the real, confronting us directly with the ambiguities we too often deny. Daniel Coburn’s Becoming a Specter, on view at Elizabeth Houston Gallery from June 6 to August 17, traffics in these paradoxes, teasing out the tension below the surfaces of our most intimate conceptions of ourselves and others.

“There is magic in the photographs of Daniel W. Coburn. I have been a longtime fan of his work and particular images have made room in my memories over the years. Daniel’s new series, Becoming a Specter, is an exciting extension of his earlier projects, this time he is creating a body of work that is other-worldly, filled with mystery and ghosts, beauty and the wonder of being connected to the natural world, and more importantly, to himself. The image below is breathtaking, referencing the past but is uniquely his own, sensual and timeless in the best way.” – Aline Smithson, Lenscratch, 

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