November 5 – December 6, 2015

The work of artist duo F&D Cartier combines the talent and vision of sculptor Francoise and photographer Daniel Cartier. The two began working in collaboration in 1995 and began exhibiting as F&D Cartier in 1998. The exhibition ROSES features a body of photograms, produced with a “camera-less” photographic process through which F&D Cartier created a body of images by placing contemporary objects onto photographic light-sensitive paper and exposing the set up in natural light. The vintage process yields a photographic record of the chemical process, the kind of image evocative of an X-ray. With the rise of digital photography in Contemporary art and media, photographic fundamentalism and an interest in returning back to the essence of photography and its alternative processes has surged through the Cartier’s practice.

Produced with conceptual vision and antique process, the images in this series from ROSES depicts the floating figure of a bra illuminated… more