April 6 – May 1, 2016

The work of artist duo F&D Cartier combines the talent and vision of sculptor Francoise and photographer Daniel Cartier. The two began working in collaboration in 1995 and began exhibiting as F&D Cartier in 1998. The exhibition Grand Tour Revisited created in 2014 features a body of work that transforms the traditional trip of Europe by juxtaposing 19th-century slides with contemporary digital images of F&D Cartier’s own travels. Discovered by the Cartier’s in a market in Switzerland, the 19th-century slides by photographer Johannes Ganz depict the original Grand Tour. An educational rite of passage in the 18th and 19th centuries reserved for upper class European and American young men of means, this former trip of privilege is now possible for many people in the 21st century.

Produced with conceptual vision and antique subjects, Grand Tour Revisited embodies the twenty-year tradition of F&D Cartier to elevate found objects. Revealing dreamlike connotations poetically shifting between current existence and historical appearance as in Napoli, Kaunas two frames are seamlessly united into one. As a result, Christ merges with a palm tree while a golden staff… more