Daniel W. Coburn

Becoming a Specter

June 6 – August 17, 2018

Some photographs faithfully record the world in front of them. Others bend the objects presented to the camera through the mind’s lens, transforming them beyond surface appearances. This latter approach reveals the surrealism already present within the real, confronting us directly with the ambiguities we too often deny.

Daniel Coburn’s Becoming a Specter, on view at Elizabeth Houston Gallery from June 6 to August 17, traffics in these paradoxes, teasing out the tension below the surfaces of our most intimate conceptions of ourselves and others. Although Coburn’s photographs are domestic, they are never banal. The artist does not buy into the tepid reality of mortgages, traditional families, and material largesse. Instead, Becoming a Specter speaks to… more


All works available in 32 x 40, 24 x 30, and 16 x 20 inches