June 15 – September 11, 2016


Andy Mattern’s newest series Standard Size, combines his minimalist approach as a conceptual artist and his studio art background, to create a collection of photographs that depict the surfaces of photographic paper that have been stripped of their text and images. Hyper-aware of commercial advertising placed on these boxes to evoke desirability, Mattern found frustration in the clichéd images and prominent branding represented. In an effort to rid his vexation with these pictures, he began to collage on top of the text to create the images seen in this collection.

This series strays from themes of Mattern’s past work where he has previously focused on the experience of searching and wandering to locate existing objects. Contrary to that process, this body of work began when he was incessantly staring at photo boxes strewn around his studio; a less purposeful and more organic journey than what he had been experiencing before. His austere and dense images… more

Additional work by the artist available here