Aaron siskind

I  ❤️ aaron siskind

June 6 – August 17, 2018


By 1930, the Modernist aesthetic had prevailed over Pictorialism as the benchmark of the new photographic art. Long gone were the rites of obscuring its mechanical apparatus in the romanticism of painterly softness. Sharp focus and formal emphasis, qualities inherent in the camera, had come to define the medium. Aaron Siskind would redefine it.

That same year, Siskind made his very first photographs, swept up by a passion for imaging that would span six decades. A member of the New York Photo League, he began his artistic career in the vein of social documentary alongside luminaries Berenice Abbott and Paul Strand, recording the Depression-era city around him. But by the 1940s, Siskind would bring photography back into the… more

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